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Posted on April 2, 2016


In 2006 as Chairman of the Czech/Kolache Festival a decision was made to introduce the Kolache to the Festival. We baked 2500 at the Heritage Farm. People would stop me and ask if I was the Kolache Lady. My reply ,” I guess I am” . I felt the Festival needed to focus on one of the most loved Sweet Dough treats made by most of our Czech mothers and grandmothers each Saturday morning. People constantly inquired if I would teach a Kolache Class-my answer —“I will consider it.” In 2007 I decided that I would try teaching the classes with the help of a team of wonderful ladies. . I sincerely thought that within 2 years the interest would diminish- 2016 is the 8th year I have been teaching the classes, each day I receive requests from all over the state . We have added Easter Baking, Christmas Baking, Dumpling Classes. Recently our group has developed the “International Foods Class” . I wanted to involve the 2 students attending Kewaunee High school living with Paul and Julie Thoreson. On April 30 a Dumpling Class with an International Flair will be taught. Teresa from the Czech Republic and Ana originally from the Ukraine , now living in Switzerland will be demonstrating and participating in the Dumpling Class with an International Flair. The recipes for the Ukrainian Borsch and the Czech Desserts are coming from their grandmothers.. The International Foods class will represent foods from : Czech Republic, Ukraine, Denmark , Germany, Poland and Germany. An entire dinner will be served at the conclusion of each class. This Fall the International Foods Class will be taught for UWGB –LIR at the Heritage Farm. The Heritage team for all the classes are: JoAnn Vogel, Manager, Voni Kinjerski, Julie Thoreson, Connie Roethle, Jean Sager, Marion Mlezvia, Mary Langer, Ethel Kuehl, & Linda Sinkula.

Classes for 2018

April 14 – Kolache Class

May 12 – Kolache Class

I would like to share with you several of the emails requesting classes:

Nancy Drekosen –Wausau

Thanks for getting back to me. Please let me know when the classes are. My Mom is 87 years old, she is also Bohemian and we would love to bring her to a class. My sister lives in Green Bay and we would stay with her. My Mom used to make many Bohemian dishes , but has forgotten the recipes . I look forward to hearing from you.

Linda Joyce—Waterloo, WI

My daughter and I would like to come and take your cooking class on April 25, and we are coming from Waterloo, WI . Can you tell me the time of the class and if you still have 2open spots. Also the cost of the class. We are planning to come up for the Czech Festival in Aug. We just read all about it in the Wisconsin magazine and are very excited about it. My father’ s family are Bohemian and came from Naplachov and we were in Prague a few years ago and loved to see the culture. I have always made raw potato dumplings, and my mom has made kolaches, but they do not look like yours so not sure where her recipe came from and would love to come up and make yours.

Connie Sipiorski Mitchell—Clintonville, WI

My name is Connie Mitchell and I first found out about you on the TV show Wisconsin Life during the featured segement on the Czech & Kolache Festival. I was then able to find your email address by looking online and following links to the Heritage Farm Baking Classes. Although we live in Clintonville , my family came from Kewaunee and we have been kolache lovers all of our lives! Since the Kewaunee Bakery closed , we have yet to find a kolaches as good as what we grew up with.
My youngest daughter, Casey, is especially fond of them and loves to cook and bake. She is getting married this fall and we would love to serve kolaches at her bridal shower.
My question to you is would you consider holding a private class for myself and my two daughters?
I also saw you do a dumpling class. My mom made awesome mashed potato dumplings that my brothers and I used to fight over the leftovers! I have tried several times since she passed away and always end up with a kitchen full of flour and mushy dumplings! I would love to attend one of your future dumpling classes if that is offered again.
Anyway, if you would please be so kind to let me know about any potential kolaches classes, I would greatly appreciate it.
As you can see the interest in Ethnic Baking and Cooking classes is amazing!!



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