12) Chuck and Kelly Kornowski
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Chuck and Kelly Kornowski
N3569 E. Townline Road
Luxemburg, WI

Quilt Pattern: Hearth and Home
Barn Type: Gambrel roof barn built in
1960 by Frank and Theresa Suess.
Painted by: Four generations of family

6 Responses to “12) Chuck and Kelly Kornowski”

  1. Susan Suess Heine says:


    This lovely white barn was a familiar sight for many years of my life. My parents are Frank and Theresa Suess. In 1959 when I was 9 years old, the original red barn burned to the ground because of a fire which may have started in the haymow. My parents were stepping out of the house to drive to Kewaunee to shop for a new furnace for the house when they noticed smoke coming from the barn roof. Thanks be to GOD, they were able to save the cows and heifers and some of the equipment without injury or loss of life. Mr.& Mrs. Bill Dahlke generously offered the use of their barn until our family could build the white barn you see in the photo. The original shingles were a beautiful shade of blue and I often thought our new barn was the prettiest one in the whole world. It was a wonder to see so many kind and gernerous people come to help with various aspects of the preparation for building and then the barn-raising. I remember peeling potatoes for hours as neighbor ladies and relatives came to prepare and serve two meals each day to the dozens of workers who volunteered their time to help with the massive undertaking of building a new barn.

    In their emergency efforts to save the cows and equipment during the barnfire, my parents did not remember my white shepherd-mix puppy who slept in a little wooden barn Daddy had built for him so the pup would not be crushed under a cow who might lay down on top of a sleeping dog. It still brings tears to my eyes to think of my darling puppy, but Jesus has blessed me with several very loving dogs in my lifetime and my husband, Bob, and I treasure every day we have with our two white dogs. To grow up in the country on a dairy farm in Wisconsin is to experience a taste of “heaven on earth”, and I am very thankful for loving parents, family, relatives, neighbors and friends…fresh strawberries, garden vegetables, kittens who didn’t mind being dressed in doll clothes and other blessings too numerous to count.

    My father was a great musician (trumpet player) and brought joy to many people at the local polka dances. My mother was an expert quilter and she taught me to sew at an early age. I’m part of a quilting group at our church and we’ve sewn more than 100 patchwork quilts for wounded soldiers. We also sew quilts for families in ministry here and oversees and for the Chosen People immigrating to Israel to escape persecution.
    When my sister, Julie Thoreson, emailed the info about a “quilt” painted on our barn it was a fitting tribute to Mom and her many handmade quilts stiched with love and generously given to family and friends.

    In Psalm 23 we read…”The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want. HE maketh me to lie down in green pastures:” Take some time this summer to lie on your back on green grass, look up at the blue sky and white clouds and thank GOD for the beauty of HIS creation. Like the song says…”Beautiful Wisconsin, milk and honey land, you’re Home Sweet Home to me .”

    Sincerely, Susan Suess Heine

  2. Julie Suess Thoreson says:

    This special barn should have a sign which reads “Built with tender loving care” as it was built by family, relatives, friends, and neighbors after the original barn burned down in 1959. Only the architect and contractor were paid. The rest of the labor was donated by people who cared about out family. Dad would be proud of the the way the barn looks with its Hearth and Home Quilt and its proper upkeep by the Charles Kornowski Family. The barnquilt is a tribute to our mother who was an avid homemaker, skilled in home arts of every kind. Thanks, Jennifer Gozdzialski for writing the grant which made this tribute to farm families, Wisconsin barns, and homemaking skills possible. Thanks to 4H and FFA and all others who worked to make this successful. It truly makes Wisconsin beautiful, especially Kewaunee County. God bless you all. Julie Suess Thoreson

  3. Kathy Nero says:

    The quilt is so beautiful and patriotic. Perfect for the area and the family that lives on the farm. They are all about family and the “Go Green” movement. The family farm and the traditional barn is losing the battle with modern technology and a part of our history is slowly disappearing. The farmers of this county and the country are its backbone and should be preserved for our children. Thank you 4H and FFA for all your love of Kewaunee County and Wisconsin.

  4. Monica Milcoff says:

    So pretty!!!!

  5. I’m looking for the song that has these lines in it, born and raised in Wis. I remember sing it but can’t find it. The words in there are
    beautiful wisconsin milk and honey land sweet home sweet home sweet home

  6. betsy suehring says:

    My husband and I did part of the Quilt barn tour” today and thoroughly enjoyed the quilts. We especially enjoyed the way most of the farms and barns were well kept and some still being run as farms. Yours was decorated so very nicely that I came home to do more research on your barn and found your very interesting story of the original barn and it’s rebuilding. We come from a farming background and can relate to the generosity and sincerity of farm neighbors, they are the best!! God Bless you and your family. Betsy and Al

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